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    We Share More Together

    Time flies. It is the Canton Fair season again.

    Once again distant, as always united.

    We do not want to get used to it, but together we are adapting to this "new normal."

    This year, we find ourselves having to repeat: it is a challenging time. Hinge moments tend to speed up change and leavea lasting impression in all walks of life, as with the aftermath of a storm, they call for renewal and reinvention.

    So, we bow but don't break, and spring back to greater heights.Homa’s firmly-rootedvalues and competences will support a new era of innovation and change.

    We pursue with firmness of a clear target:  to be your supplier of choice.

    Enjoy the online journey from 15-24 October.

    Homa Digital Booth:
    Care about Taste & Design
    Our elegant design Canton Fair Booth is back, in digital performance, with familiar business and inspiring artistic space for your exploration.

    A complete hot sale range of refrigerator and chest freezer, Homa will never stop pursuing beauty and innovations.

    We Share Good Design And
    The Best Cooling Production Bases

    We believe, good design is the inner soul of a useful everyday object, connecting aesthetics and function to make good products. 

    So we always care about details and taste. We deliver full range of best seller product and memorable experience to you.

    To deliver good design with good finish we need good production.

    We have the biggest cooling production bases with leading facilities, leading efficiency and experienced staff.

    To support your market delivery better, we make it bigger and bigger in the next 3 years.

    Full Package Service:
    A One-stop Shop Supplier
    (TSM & ARTWORK Support)
    As a reliable partner, we are not only to sell, but help you to sell-out. Here we are figuring out one-stop shop solutions of technical and artwork service to support your business better.
    Any further contact and feedback, please feel free to contact your fellow Homa Sales Representatives or send inquiry to us