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  • "Homa creates global business value by fulfilling social responsibility and delivering positive messages.
    We take care of Homa people and our shared planet. We believe our step-by-step contribution will leads to sustainable future."
    			As global manufacturer, we get responsibilities to minimize passive impact to the earth during business development. 
    Homa has clear strategy to maximize sustainability in any aspect like R&D, sales&marketing, sourcing & logistics.
    Homa's products are always made in perspective of sustainable development.
    • In Homa, we widely utilize FSC-licensed ECO carton boxes with recycling rate over 60%. 
      Relevant packing materials are mainly sourced from forest with stable growing rate.
    • In Homa, pipelines and manufacturing materials are all authorized by ISO 14001 standard.
      Thus, less energy waste and environmental pollution will be generated during production.
    • 95% of Homa-made products are energy-saving products authorized by local government.
      Homa also encourages trade-in projects to share affordable new refrigerators with community in needs.
    • In Homa, ECO LED lighting installation has covered 100% of administration area and 80% of production area.
      Besides, full range of Homa products apply LED lighting design.
    • Homa’s product inner is made by ECO materials. It’s durable with 20-year warranty.
    • Homa owns eco-friendly manufacturing system, mostly powered by 90,000-square-metre solar-energy transformer.
    • Since 2016, covering area of 90,000 ㎡, the solar energy project has been officially put into use in Homa,
      powering manufacturing in a great degree with less pollution and waste.

      Solar Powering

    • In Homa, We encourage paperless office.
      More and more filing and communication are completed via computers, which can practically save natural resource.

      Paperless Office

    • In Homa, we invest ECO LED lighting, covering 100% of administration area and 80% of production area, making our workplace 
      more energy-saving.

      ECO LED Lighting

    • In production process, Homa utilizes recyclable materials as much as possible to reduce energy waste and environmental pollution.

      ECO Material

    • Food-grade materials are widely used in manufacturing, qualifying Homa-made products 
      with strict health and safety standard.

      Food-grade Materials

    • Most of packing materials for Homa products are all officially certified by FSC , contributing to global forest resource protection.

      FSC-Licensed Package Materials

    • All of Homa-made products meets the new standard of European Energy Efficiency Class.

      Energy Efficiency


      We aims to create a secured workplace cause’ we take care of health and safety of every Homa people.
      We offer multi way for employees to share their opinions. We always consider benefits of our reliable workforce.


      Homa always welcomes talents from campus or society recruitment. With rapid growth of our team, Homa offers more and more working positions to the public every year. As Homa employee, everyone enjoys reasonable and balanced promotion policy. Your hard work will pay off eventually.


      In Homa, there is no gaps between male and female staff. Female employees also play important role in regular operating.
      Female employees enjoys a ratio of no less than 30% in all employees. 40% in higher management team and even 50% in sales team.

      • In Homa, medical supplies providing , access & exit control and all-around cleaning & disinfection will be done regularly to secure a safe working environment.

        Secured Workplace

      • You can enjoy equal opportunities in Homa.
        Regardless of varied background and gender,  your hard work will pay off eventually.

        Equal Opportunities

      • In Homa, employees can share their ideas or advices about the company directly via open Q&A semester or message channel.

        Open Feedback Platform

      • Owning over 10 thousand employees, Homa is still creating job opportunities for society and welcoming your joining.

        Create Working Position